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Mar 10
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My submission for the Image Duplicator exhibition at London’s Orbital Gallery. Timed to coincide with the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate London, Image Duplicator showcases work by comic artists which is based on the same images that Lichtenstein re-appropriated for his work. The exhibition is curated by Rian Hughes and Jason Atomic.
Prints of my Image Duplicator picture are now on sale here. Not sure why it’s entitled Flint Overgard! on the Print-Process page, I wanted to call it Red Dots but I may well have forgot to tell anyone. Profits from print sales go to Hero Initiative – a worthy cause benefiting the artists that inspired us.
I actually like Lichtenstein’s work but I think I like it because it looks like comic art. If any of the great comic artists’ work was blown up to the scale of Lichtenstein’s work it would be bolder, better drawn and more engaging than Lichtenstein’s – worth more on many levels.


My piece was inspired by the above frame from a Steve Roper strip by William Overgard. Below is Lichtenstein’s version ‘I Can See The Whole Room And There’s Nobody In It!’.


The Lictenstein painting sold for $43,202,500; Overgard’s original artwork, for $431.
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