It Came From Outer Space!

Feb 16
  • It Came From Outer Space!

Published by Macmillan in early 2013 this book was the follow-up to It’s Behind You! and featured fifty odd black & white illustrations to accompany space & alien-themed poems by Paul Cookson and David Harmer

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Alien Invasion

‘Zigblad the Great, Mighty Warlord of the Planet Drob
Grand King and High mperor of the Fifteen Galaxies
Dragon Slayer, Beast Killer, Destroyer of Monsters…’
(Excerpt from David Harmer’s poem _Alien Invasion)

The Night

‘The crater’s now our garden pond
Where alien fish are fed
The only things left behind…
From the night the comet hit Dad’s shed.’
(Excerpt from David Harmer’s poem The Night the Comet Hit Dad’s Shed)


‘Half alien creature, half machine
Eyes that glow both red and green
Robot spider terminator
Look out – Tarantulator
Look out – Tarantulator’
(Excerpt from Paul Cookson’s poem Tarantulator)

Lost In Space

‘When the spaceship first landed
Nose down in Dad’s prize vegetables
I wasn’t expecting the pilot
To be a large blue blob with seven heads
The size and shape of rugby balls
And a toothy grin on his fourteen mouths’
(Excerpt from David Harmer’s poem Lost In Space)

Asteroid Belt

‘The gargantuans are so big
So rough and tough
That they have to keep their trousers up
With an asteroid belt.’
(Asteroid Belt by Paul Cookson)

Our Teacher

‘After school when he thinks we can’t see
He blasts off home to the faraway stars
With our homework under his arms
Just think, it could be
He has lots of friends in other schools’
(Excerpt from Our Teacher Is Really From Outer Space by David Harmer)

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